Thursday 28 December 2017

A father and a daughter shares the most compassionate relationship. And today I'm sharing relationship between my husband and daughter.

This father daughter duo is my favourite or may be seconf favourite (first is me & my father). Sometimes I feel that they sideline me while conversing with each other. However I don’t let that happen 😍 
The Swagger Dad-Daughter Duo!
From day one, he has done it all, changing diapers, giving baths, putting her to sleep and calming her cries. Even in hospital, he used to hold her for hours, since I had few complications after a c-section delivery. They are inseparable at times. They love each other’s company the most. And they actually don’t need anyone when together. Sometime I get mad at them because they keep on talking with non-meaningful talks and funny expressions. Whenever the little one doesn’t want to sleep, she prefers her father’s company. She acts as if she is sleeping but the truth is that she wakes up after I sleep and then play with her father in other room. Such is their love for each other. I feel his involvement in her upbringing is an important ingredient in her development for the years to come.

Isn't she a carbon copy of him?
I am happy to say that my daughter relies more on him. She wants him every now and then. And I am sure for the coming years, she will look forward to him as her role model and inspiration like I see my father. He always offers a listening ear to her and that, I think, makes her feel that she matter to us the most. And he, as a father will be the best version of himself for his little angel. He is always willing to go to his extreme ends to see her happy and successful.
Whenever they are together, they are creating moments and memories for themselves and of course for me. They share such a cute camaraderie that I never have to ask them to pose for camera. Their moments of togetherness give me the chance to capture those moments of love, laughter, togetherness, care and warmth. And I am sure they are going to cherish these moments forever, especially our little princess.
Their togetherness often makes me reminisce my childhood days with my father. Touchwood to their togetherness & love.
In between conversations!

Monday 25 December 2017

To Our Little Human….
May you have more smiles and moments of sheer happiness.

Christmas is here. And since you are now able to recognize Santa, Christmas has become even more joyous for us.

We can never forget the day when a little Santa entered our life and filled our lives with happiness and joy. Seeing you grow every moment is a joyous experience for us and it fills our heart with more and more love.
You are two this Christmas. This is a really fun age and I know you have asked few gifts from Santa like mummy lets you listen rhymes on mobile; papa buy you more jeans; nanu brings you more teddies (it doesn’t matter to you that a major part of our room is occupied by your teddies); more colour pencils & color books and so on… I know the list is long. And these wishes of yours will be fulfilled as well. But a day will come when you will get to know that Santa does not exist. And it might upsets you little. However we want you to believe and know that you will always have your set of Santa which is me and your dad. You will always have us to fulfill your wishes and we as a parent will always try to make you capable of achieving your dreams and provide you the best we can.

 Now let me confess that you, our little human, are our Santa as well since you brought so many moments of love and laughter in our lives. You have always kept us enchanting and that’s something very magical about you. Because of you, we have precious memories that have given us an abundance of happiness in our lives and love in our hearts. We just wish that you keep showering love and laughter in our lives by being our little Santa not just today but tomorrow and forever.

Lastly I want you to spread happiness, love and warmth everywhere you go.

PS: I hope you will cherish reading this letter after you grow and understand what I’ve written.
Lots of love & hugs
Mummy & Papa

Thursday 14 November 2013

Menstruating is not a shame!!

"Recently one of my colleague from my last company called me up and asked me how can you write articles about menstruation so openly and hare it on social sites. Don't you feel ashamed of posting it publicly where all your family and friends see it. I was totally shocked and annoyed at the same time on her foolish remark. Her question actually inflamed me from inside. I was aghast at the fact that how can she give such remark being a girl. I really have empathy for her.

I'm writing this to make her understand why I never felt ashamed of getting periods and talking about it. When I first got my periods, I was terrified and has a question in my mind, why me?? But my mother told me that the start of menstruation is a momentous event in a girl's life. Some girls greet those first drops of blood with joy and relief while others feel bewildered and scared. Getting periods is a proof of becoming a woman. So you feel happy about getting it. Her words made me feel joyous about my periods.
After getting my periods, I felt older because I had been told by my mother that that getting your periods is a sign of maturing. I was growing up. Getting my period was not actually what I thought it would be. I had to learn to deal it and I have. Looking back, one thing about getting periods that I admire is that it is a brigade from adolescence to womanhood. And it is vital to many young girls while growing up. 

And I want to pass on the message to all the young girls that your periods turns you into a beautiful and mature woman. I write about menstruation because I don't want it to be a tabooed topic; instead I want it to be taken as normal as other subjects. 

I hope you got your answer.

Friday 25 October 2013


I wrote this poem few years back. But felt like sharing it. So here it goes.....

One night I saw a dream,
I was sitting near a stream,
And was tasting an ice-cream,
The cream fell into the stream,
So I screamed and screamed,
But did not get the cream,
So I ate the ice of an ice-cream,
Sitting on a neem,
So the ice wouldn't fall
in the stream like the cream.
Then I got up and laughed at my dream,
Oh! What a foolish dream.

Monday 30 September 2013

माँ की उपमा

माँ ......
कभी कभी मेरे दिल में ख्याल आता है कि
तेरी उपमा मैं दू सागर से
पर मेरा मन विचलित हो जाता है
और सोचती हूँ माँ सागर जैसा विशाल तो तेरा ह्रदय है,
पर उसके पानी के खारापन का एक अंश भी तेरे ह्रदय क दूध में नहीं माँ
और तब मेरा यह ख्याल व्यर्थ हो जाता है|
फिर मेरा मन सोचता है की
तेरी उपमा मैं दू अम्बर से
पर फिर मनन विचलित हो जाता है
और सोचती हूँ अम्बर जैसा अथाह तोह तेरा प्रेम है माँ
पर उस पर आने वाली सूर्य की करवाहत का एक अंश भी तेरी बोली में नहीं है माँ
तेरी बोली की कोमलता के सामने कमल भी शर्मा जायेगा
और तब मेरा ये ख्याल भी व्यर्थ चला जाता है माँ|
और जब मैं कुछ और सोचती हूँ तोह मेरा मन कहता है
"अरे! माँ तो अनुपमा है,
 इसकी उपमा तो तू दे ही नहीं सकती||"

This poem is dedicated to my mom who actually made me what I'm today. I don't have words to express my gratitude for all those little and big things she did for me and still doing for me. So only 3 words I Love You.

Wednesday 25 September 2013

Friends for Life

Shivani.. One of my best friend since graduation days!! Though she always thought of me as an arrogant person with so much of attitude in early college days.But somehow we managed to be friends and today, see, I'm writing something for you! This proves I'm not that bad as you thought of me! :P

I guess we've nothing in common but still we understand each other. She is the only one on whom I've shouted like anything and she used to listen to me and come back to me saying sorry. Also she used to be scared of me whenever she does something wrong. (You don't worry, I'm not gonna write those two incidents). She is the first one whom I call to express myself.

We've so many memories to cherish.. the best  one was our delhi trip.

She is the one whom I can tell anything, who can relate to me like no other, with whom I can cry and laugh my heart out, who can help me solve problems (though most of the time, she  is dependent on me for everything.). She never turned her back on me or told me I wasn't good enough or let me down. I look up to you because she is strong, caring and beautiful, even though you think you're not! And I hope you know I'm always there to listen to you, laugh and cry in all the ways that I can and I will try to be the half of the friend which you're to me. I hope I'm!

I've written something for you...

"When friendship undergo a test,
I often found you're best.
You can change my frown
into a Smile :) when I feel down.
You understand my little trials and lend a hand.
You've always shared my secret dreams.
You're worth more than a gold,
I give you love my heart can hold!!! "

Everyone is gonna kill me after this because I've written something for you!
And don't be flattered after reading this, I'm still gonna abuse you, scold you and many more!

P.S : Now you should also write something for me so that I also get little flattered!!

Tuesday 24 September 2013



Promise yourself
To be so strong
that can disturb
your peace of mind.
To talk health, happiness & prosperity
To every person you meet.
To make all your friends
feel that there is something in them.
To look at the sunny side of everything
and make your optimism come true.
To think only of the best, To work only for the best,
and to expect only the best.
To be enthusiastic about the success of others
as you're about your own.
To forget the mistakes of the past and look on to
greater achievements of future.
To wear a cheerful continuance at all times and give every
living creature you meet a smile :)
To give so much time to improvement of yourself
that you have no time to criticize others.
To be too large for worry, and too noble for anger,
too strong for fear, and too happy to permit the presence of trouble...